The Difference And Similarities Between Badminton and Tennis


                  I have chosen this topic, because some in the world do not know about Badminton and Tennis. They are the games which are best played in the world and still some peoeple do not know about it .

                                                                                                            Differences between tennis and badminton                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
                1) Tennis is made up of mostly sideways movement. Badminton will get you moving mostly                                                                              forward and backwards.
                 2) Tennis balls can be reused until the air inside it disappears. Shuttlecocks are often 'destroyed' in a single session.

Your should score 'four' points in a (normal) single tennis set to win. Your should score 15 points to win a (normal) set                          in badminton.
                4) A tennis ball can bounce once on the ground before it must be hit over the net. A shuttle cannot touch the ground at any                       given time.

               5) You have a second chance to serve in tennis if the first done is a fault. You only serve once in badminton unless you                             play doubles.

               6) Tennis racquets can take 40lbs of string tension.If you do that to a badminton racquet and you'll hear it crack and your                          wallet bursting into fire.

              7) Tennis is played on grass at the lovely courts of Wimbledon during summer.IF you Try doing that with badminton                                you'll trip.

              8) You always serve from behind the baseline in tennis. In badminton, you always serve in front of the baseline.


You serve in tennis (usually) by hammering the ball to the ground on the other side of the net. Do that with a shuttle and                       you gain yourself a fault   in badminton. 

            10) Some prefer two handed backhand shots for more power in tennis. Absolutely nobody holds a racquet with both hands                       in badminton.


                                                                                         Similarities in tennis and badminton



               1) Both games use raqcuets.

               2) Both games use nets stretched across courts.

               3) BOTH use Yonex company racqcuets.


Both games have men's and women's singles, doubles and mixed events.


Both are contested as medal events in the Olympics.

             6) The biggest events are played in England - Wimbledon for tennis, All-England for badminton. ( AE is not the biggest                              compared to the WC but it's highly prestigious)

             7) You 'shake hands' with the racquet when you hold it.

             8) Up to 4 people can play badminton or tennis in a single court at a given time.


We have badminton and tennis fanatics all over the globe.

            10) Both have racquet strings of a variety of colours. 





          I Conclude that many people who have not understood about tennis and Badminton would know it perfectly after reading these similarities and differences which are written,THANK YOU....




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