Differences and similarities between Mesopotamian and Egyptian civilization

I have compared and contrasted Mesopotamian civilization with Egyptian civilization to know the differences  between these two civilizations.

There are many similarities between these civilizations and some of them are; both the civilizations grew and emerged around the rivers. The Kings were powerful in both the civilizations. They also believed in life after death and wrote on clay tablets.

Now we will discuss about the importance of Mesopotamian civilization. The sources of this civilization  are Ziggurat and Seals. They grew wheat, barley, dates, corn, fruits and vegetables. They worshipped different forces of nature. Hanging Gardens of Babylon was built by King Nebuchadnezzar for his wife which is one of the wonders of  the ancient world. Their script is called Cuneiform.

We will now discuss about the Egyptian civilization. The sources of this civilization are archaeological excavations, inscriptions and offical documents. They grew wheat, millet, barley etc. They worshipped Gods & Goddesses and each God was associated with one particular aspect of life. The Great Pyramid at Giza was built by Pharaoh Cheops ( Khufu) which is one of the seven wonders of the world. Their script is called Hieroglyphics. 

After doing this work, I have learnt many things which I didn't know and I will never forget this in my life.                                                                

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